Our Farm’s Philosophy

“It’s how we respect and honor the least of these that creates an ethical, moral foundation upon which we honor and respect the greatest of these.” Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms Farmer and Author

I have been a lover of animals my entire life. When I made the decision to start my own small, sustainable farm and become a farmer, I wanted to make sure that my personal philosophy was tightly interwoven with how I would run my farm and raise my animals.

My farm principles and philosophy are simple:

1.) CARE: Animals are raised with care and respect, and live as they should live. This means that they get to spend time outdoors and express all of their unique “animalness”.  Our chickens and turkeys are able to go outside all summer, scratching for bugs, enjoying the sunshine, and eating grass.

Our pigs spend their time outdoors in their large pens year-round as they choose, where they play, roll in mud, nap in the shade, and root in the dirt as they were meant to do.

Our beehives are cared for without the use of sprays, medications or chemicals. We work with our honeybees seasonally without disturbing them needlessly.

2.) COMMUNITY: We do not ship any of our products. Our farm products are meant to be sold locally within the community. If you’re too far from us, I encourage you to seek out local farmers within your own community and support them by buying their products.

3.) TRANSPARENCY: When you come and see us to pick up your eggs, honey, or other farm goodies you will be able to see our animals going happily about their day, and more often than not you will be greeted by our free-range chickens as they patrol our property.

4.) QUALITY:  By raising all of our animals with care and respect we ensure that our farm products are of the highest quality, perfect for ourselves, our customers and their families.

I don’t believe in spending too much of my precious time politicking. I feel my time is better spent looking after our animals and at the same time educating our customers on the importance of eating real, whole foods and supporting local farmers and businesses.

Six Pines Farm is a proud member of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture; the Canadian Meat Goat Association, and Foodland Ontario.


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