Our Farm-raised Turkeys

 We have a few turkeys left for pre-ordering! You can get them for Thanksgiving or Christmas.


If you’ve never tasted the true and amazing flavours of a turkey raised here on the farm, then you are in for a treat!  Here at Six Pines Farm our aim is for our turkeys to live a joyful and respectful life where they can go outside to enjoy sunshine and fresh grass and bugs.

As soon as our turkeys are big enough, they get to go outside every day to eat grass, seeds and bugs on our small farm.

Evening Pasture July 2015 020Evening Pasture July 2015 021

Our turkeys are of the highest quality and unlike the turkey bought at the grocery store, are never dry, bland or tasteless. They are never injected with salt water to add weight like grocery store birds.

We raise White Mini-Classic turkeys, which are friendly, easy to care for birds that are perfectly suited for life on our small farm.

You will not find a more flavourful and tasty bird for your holiday table than a respectfully raised turkey from Six Pines Farm.

We believe that when you raise an animal with gentleness and respect and let them spend their days outside instead of keeping them locked up in cages their entire lives, you produce a happy, healthy animal that will live out its life as it was meant to. Our manner of raising our turkeys creates a superb product that we are proud to offer our customers!


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