Chickens and Eggs

We are SOLD OUT of eggs for the next little while.

We still have meat chickens for sale. Whole only- $15.00 each (average 5-6 pounds). They will come frozen and bagged.



Traveling Hen

All of our chickens are allowed to free-range outside on our farm property on all but the coldest of days. Our laying hens will lay their egg first thing in the morning and are then ready to go outside and catch bugs, chase worms,  have dust baths and graze grass until it’s time for bed again when the sun goes down.

Our meat chickens go outside at the first hint of sunrise and prefer to stay outside eating grass and clover until they get their supper. They never stray far from the farm and know to return when I call them.

In order to keep them safe from predators, they are kept inside their roomy chicken house at night or when we are away from the farm for the day. They are fed chicken ration daily and they also get extra tomatoes, lettuce, and other treats from our vegetable garden along with goat’s milk.

As it is illegal in Canada to feed any kind of growth hormones to poultry, all of the chicken ration we feed is 100% hormone and antibiotic free.

Free Range Chicken Cuts and Pricing

Our farm is limited in how many meat birds we can raise per year so it’s best to get your name on our list as soon as possible. Our demand is always more than our supply!

Whole Roasters- $15  FROZEN (dressed weight approx 5-6 LBS)

Half Roasters- SOLD OUT


It is very difficult for us to transport different cuts of chicken while still fresh, and it is also difficult to refrigerate that much chicken. This is why we can only offer our whole roasters fresh. We pick the birds up on Tuesday or Friday and you will need to pick up your order of fresh chicken promptly on Wednesday or Saturday morning.



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