Our Berkshire Pigs

Evening Pasture July 2015 006Evening Pasture July 2015 015Evening Pasture July 2015 008


We are no longer selling any pork products through direct marketing.  We will sometimes have individual pork cuts available at the Petrolia Farmer’s Market.   We also do not sell any weaner pigs or breeding stock. We wish to thank all of our past customers for supporting us when we first got started in our pig farming venture.


Berkshire Pig History

Berkshire pigs are said to be “Britain’s oldest pig breed”, originally bred around the market-towns of Faringdon and Wantage in the “Vale of the White Horse” in the county of Berkshire. The pigs are believed to have become popular in other parts of England after being discovered by Cromwell’s troops while they were stationed at Reading during England’s Civil War. Today’s animals descend from the herd maintained by the British monarchs since the early 18th century.

By the 1850s Berkshire pigs had made their way from the United States (where they had been imported from Britain in the 1830s) to farms throughout Canada.



Our Berkshire pig herd is raised using the 5-Step Welfare Program through the Humane Handling Certification organization. Since we were already raising our pigs as humanely and simply as possible, it wasn’t difficult for us to tweak our farm management style to meet the extremely strict standards of Humane Handling Certification.

For more info on the humane handling of agricultural livestock and how the program works, please visit Certified Humane  

Baby Berk

 pigs on grass 027




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