Sudden Egg Storm

So just before we got the 2 smallish polar vortexes here in Southern Ontario, we insulated the run-in part of the barn using pig paneling and lots and lots and lots of clean dry straw.
It worked extremely well. So well, in fact, that when the milder weather arrived our black and brown young laying hens discovered the straw insulation and decided that making nests on top of the “walls” was an excellent idea. They’re up and out of the way and there’s plenty of room for many hens to make many nests.
Our egg production has seriously gone up as a result of this great discovery by the hens.
With the continuing mild days, we bring you this:

One day’s haul plus a few extras in the basket from yesterday, waiting to be cleaned and sorted.
One dozen $3.00 or a flat is $6.
Message or text 519-381-1771 if you want any delicious free-range eggs.

Cheers~Lisa & the Hens


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