Quiet Sunday Post-First Weather Warning


The temperatures have been steadily getting colder each morning. Many times now it’s been below freezing.

Yesterday we moved the chickens into their new winter home; an old sturdy box stall inside the biggest of the three barns. Straw was piled nice and high in there for them, and they will make a couple of perfectly circular nests where they will lay eggs.

This morning we received our very first snow squall warning; set for tomorrow and covering the Eastern end of the county where we live. We’re on the cusp, so we may get the snow or it may fly around us.

In preparation for tomorrow’s snow squalls, the weather is really windy today. I can hear it howling through the trees and around the corner of the farm house.

It won’t be long now till we get to snuggle down inside the house again, enjoying the white silence of another winter.


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