First Frost



Well, the changing of the seasons has begun. Even though the weather report called for temps down to 6 Celsius, we woke up to patchy frost this morning.

We knew that summer was coming to an end, of course. We noticed the days growing shorter, the different planets in the sky at night, and the blooms withering on the wildflowers at the side of the road.

Still, we want to think we have a little more time to finish up with summer. Our tomatoes and corn were quite late this year and we hoped to take full advantage of those crops even though it is already September. The corn can handle a bit of frost, but I was already having trouble with the heirloom tomatoes. It seems pretty likely now that they will all be pig treats. 

Soon it will be time to begin preparing in earnest for the changing season. Straw must be ordered and put away. The goats are coming into heat (as are their wild cousins, the deer!) and I need to find a new buck. The turkeys have their final appointment next Wednesday, and I have to make sure I pick up my newly purchased freezer before then.

It will stay quite warm this week during the day. We can go outside and do the things we need to do, soak up the sun for a little while, and pretend that it is still summer after all.


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