The Mud Princess

ImageAfter two solid days of humidity so high you could almost count the individual drops of moisture in the air, we finally got rain. Boy, did we ever! The rain drumming hard on the ground outside our window actually woke me a couple of times during the night, as did the several bright white flashes of lightning that came along with the rainstorm.

This morning everything was sloppy in the farm yard. Anywhere that had no grass was a mud hole. Chickens tiptoed cautiously through the grassy parts of the yard, since mud betwixt your toes when you only have three toes is a nasty feeling, indeed.

Some of my red romaine lettuce had tilted over sideways due to being hit hard by the rain, and the same thing happened to my Asian greens. Thankfully they’re all pretty hardy plants, so by tomorrow everybody should be standing upright again.

The place where you could see the aftermath of the giant rain storm the most was in the pigpen. The pigs are now the proud caretakers of three (count ’em, three!) pretty good-sized mud holes, perfect for wallowing in if you are a Princess Pig, for standing in quietly if you’re a Bad Piglet, and for blowing nostril bubbles into with your entire head underwater if you are a Charlotte Pig.

The only other thing the pigs need now is a giant beachball, a volleyball net, and some Beach Boys on the radio.


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