But I Thought They Were Pumpkins



 At the very edge of our compost pile there grows a huge volunteer pumpkin plant. All summer long she has bloomed in magnificent orange and yellow splendour. She gracefully allowed our honeybees to gather pollen out of her gigantic pumpkin blossoms while she grew what appeared to be four or five pumpkins that would certainly end up being larger than the sugar pie pumpkins we usually grow.

When I went out to that end of the garden today I intended only to harvest some sugar pie pumpkins that I noticed were ready, along with some red potatoes.

The splendid pumpkin plant said nothing as I stepped carefully around all of her long green tendrils looking for ripe pumpkins. Then I saw three dark green very long and very wide lumps.

It turns out that what I thought was a pumpkin plant that grew from a rotted pumpkin discarded into our compost pile from last season was actually a squash plant. She grew three gigantic squash that I excitedly picked with help from Bryan.

One squash had a large split in its side that was starting to rot, so Bryan threw that one into the pigpen for Princess and her babes to enjoy.

The other ones I will use in cooking. I will likely grate them with the cheese grater and then freeze them in baggies.

It always amazes me that our garden can be so full of surprises!



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