Music for the Soul

I find music good for the soul. It doesn’t always have to be deep and serious music, even light-hearted tunes will do. I prefer listening to music to watching television. Usually I like to listen to music while I’m reading or writing. Of course I also like listening to music when I’m cleaning the house or crafting.

There’s not too many kinds of music I don’t like. Actually, the only music I will NOT listen to is the brainless bippity-bop stuff by the likes of Lady Gaga, for example. My goats could compose better music. But some people enjoy that stuff, so that’s cool.

I go through music-listening phases, depending on my mood and what I’m doing. I imagine a lot of people are like that.

I recently rediscovered a lovely piece by Tomaso Albinoni called Adagio in G Minor. It’s not too heavy and not too serious. Just right for blogging, or drawing, or baking. That’s what I prefer for right now, though. Earlier in the week I was on a bit of a Crosby, Stills and Nash kick, and last week I started discovering Eminem, of all artists!

So to me, music, any music, is good for the soul and is definitely part of the spice of life.


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