Heat Wave

Since the beginning of the week, Southwestern Ontario has been under a heat wave. ImageYesterday it hit 114 with the humidex. Needless to say, the farm chores have dwindled down to filling and refilling water buckets, troughs, and pans, and letting the turkeys out of their protective pen attached to their house so they can peck at tall grass while staying relatively cozy in the shade of our pine trees. The water hose and I walk over to the sow pen twice a day to spray the pigs’ backs with nice cool water, and that activity has gotten so interesting to the piglets that they come running over out of the shade of their tree to see what Momma and the aunties are up to this time.

Since there has been zero rainfall since last week, I’ve been moving the soakerhose through the garden to keep everything watered as best as I can. The red Chieftain potatoes are doing really well and blossoming beautifully, but they were looking a little droopy by Monday so they received a couple of hours of cold dribbles by their bases.

So the daily schedule is slow but steady. Morning chores before the extreme heat sets in, then back inside the air conditioned house with all the dogs to tidy up, to work on the website or write in the notebook. Then lunch, and outside again briefly, gasping at the oppressive heat, to do yard rounds, checking animals and water supply.

The good news is that most of the items in the garden have sprouted nicely. The row of Red Romaine had to be replanted last weekend because only five tiny plants emerged, but I noticed yesterday that miniscule baby sproutlings from the replanted batch have started to peek up out of the dirt. The sweet corn, too, is loving this heat, as are the pie pumpkins. The pumpkin plants constantly have to be hacked back since it seems that their green tentacles grow out into the cauliflower plants overnight.

The heat is supposed to lift by Thursday evening. We’ll get a cold front coming to us from the James Bay area, which will be a welcome relief. Maybe then the chickens can start to lay eggs again. The egg count has been one per day from seven hens since this heat wave began!¬†

For now the dogs and I will take our time during the hot days, spending most of our time indoors. There’s always something that needs doing, both indoors and out. The weekend will hopefully find us all refreshed, ready to tackle the remainder of our various projects outside that have been swept aside due to the heat wave.


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