Six Pines Farm

Chicken time is  here again! Please visit our Chickens and Eggs page to get all the details for ordering this year’s meat chickens raised right here on our farm.


I will  be attending one Farmer’s Market for the 2017 season.


I will be attending the following Saturdays- June 17; July 1, 15, and 29; August 12 and 26; September 9 and 23; and October 7th. This market runs from 7:30 am till 12 noon.


I will not be attending the Point Edward Thursday Moonlight Market this season.




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Welcome to the website of Six Pines Farm!

My name is Lisa, and together with my hubby Tom the Beekeeper and our dogs we live on a small  farm just outside of Wyoming in Southwestern Ontario.

All of our animals including our honeybees are raised the simple and “old-fashioned” way. Our Berkshire pig herd is raised under the extremely strict North American Humane Handling Certification Program. Read more about the Humane Handling Program here:

All of our livestock is able to go outside every day and live a respectful life.

Please see our individual Animal Pages and our Farm Philosophy Page for more details on how our honeybees and animals are raised at Six Pines Farm.

All of our animals are raised to be 100% Antibiotic free. 

Our animals only get feed that is completely free of any antibiotics or other medications. We do not treat our honeybee hives with chemical strips or formic acid.


Enjoy, and Welcome!

Lisa @ Six Pines Farm

Links Where Our Farm Is Listed:

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