Who We Are

Welcome to the website and blog of Six Pines Farm.  Here I showcase our wonderful farm-fresh products; from our real raw honey to fresh and unique vegetables, as well as our respectfully raised pastured pork, chicken and turkey. Sometimes I blog about farm-related topics, random thoughts, food, and current events.

My name is Lisa, and together with my hubby Tom, our youngest son Bryan, and our dogs we live on a small  farm just outside of Wyoming in Southwestern Ontario.

One morning in 2004 we discovered  a large swarm of bees happily waiting for Tom in our tallest cedar tree. He has been a beekeeper ever since. Both of our sons have also learned the basics of keeping bees.

I have loved animals ever since I can remember, and I currently raise Berkshire pigs and Orlopp Bronze turkeys, along with free-ranging laying hens and Dual-Purpose meat chickens. I also have a small herd of dairy goats that we use just for our family, with their extra milk going to our pigs and chickens.

All of our animals are pasture-raised from spring till fall. Please see our individual Animal Pages and our Farm Philosophy Page for more details on how the animals are raised at Six Pines Farm.

We are pleased to announce that our farm is now Foodland Ontario approved! This means that we can use this logo to show all of our valued customers that everything on our farm is 100% Ontario grown and raised.

Foodland logo

Enjoy, and Welcome!

Lisa @ Six Pines Farm

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